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What fun it can change lives, we are a couple stubborn, I 'm going to work every day, half a housewife Anne with a little extra work going is forty, and I am ten years older, have a sex like life, then suddenly one day Anne went with you, we are satisfied that we have sex together, so now the fine, she said that is all its right, I'm a little confused, but she would not talk about it redtubebr to the week or later comes to the fantasy of years ago, he said, for my part, into oblivion, it's funny, how can a woman from the small details of recent years, remembers when they want to it was Nothing new on that front for a week or two, then there was one night when I tried my hand, which seemed more excited than usual, after having had our fun, he said he wanted to go to someone els, but I had a good that was a long time and when redtubebr redtubebr I think I have a cold shoulder for a week and told him not love her and all that s I began to wonder what the helland was driving, do not say exactly, or go with him, it was further proof, it was a trap, in which time I was a little more careful with what I said, I do it for a while until I had to choose a time to bring it, after having been for a meal and drinks, how to tell you how sexy I was, and she was an attractive woman, real, like other men looked at her, left to myself feel good about it in my arm has that if they believed that men, Anne asked redtubebr several times admitted that he was sober Anne was a little tipsy, so they opened a little more, it seemed not a man I thought he was not obliged to do so, redtubebr we enjoyed our redtubebr self-understanding, almost in bed as I had years ago, I started to like the idea of ​​taking infected, n much about next week left the next weekend I mentioned that was once Anne same thing and wanted to talk, think and we were bored on a treadmill in the bedroom, in the next week or so we have a lot has been spoken very openly without rows than evercalled me a pervert of some kind, it was a lot of time at the helm, I mentioned that I like to see someone, I have a cold, we may need to see, so that the seed was planted, I have everything, as call us, we men, we knew the problem with them they would be treated discreetly and are concerned that when they got out of control, so no where to go, and then saw something on TV in the appointments and took the Internet when we are looking for dating sites that others find this convenient and Anne at first, which was delayed and not with them, but take a look where they are at the time of day was looking I found a both sides of the same more or less, was a little shy about it first, so it became a joke, so I came home, she was interested in the redtubebr following display step that took a week to find out which put them in the end we had an n in a day where loads answer, so I looked at them all, so I said to Anne andou to select with a smile, do not really know what to do, Anne chose a couple of guys, and started them in the chat site, for me it was a cable I really feel jealous or do not know if I can not explain, is somewhat disturbing, Anne was in him and excited him, as men speak things seem to move fairly quickly, ready to make phone calls when, feeling that he was very happy with redtubebr how ashamed he was there and that was the plane Anne swept along with it, pause and think of it redtubebr as, and I said it is not so stupid, nothing happened, I began to feel out, which was out of hand, I do not know who I was talking to there was a little later I came home from work and Anne wanted to talk to me, was so excited he went on a date with someone named Geoff, who was to come on Friday as long as three days to let me stop the redtubebr are trying to persuade her not to go, then that was my fault that had begun, was to launchall I protested that I only make a date and nothing els to make it even worse for her in a restaurant levers to take them there and pick it up when she called me, I have to say later,
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